Quatrefoil Rug Design For Your Sweet House

Being a creative person you try to design quatrefoil rug for your sweet house. There are many websites provide video tutorial about how to make quatrefoil rug at home. Two things that must consider are preparing the basic material and making the design before you start to make quatrefoil rug.

  • Material of the quatrefoil rug. Since this thing is closely related to material that can easily absorb liquid. Besides, it must be able to be easier to be washed. Thus, you can choose type of cotton cloth as the basic material to make a quatrefoil rug. You can choose bright color cloth to make such as pink, purple, and so on. It must be easy to be seen and a bit contrast with the floor coverage of your house.
  • Design of the quatrefoil rug. You can decide of quatrefoil rug as well by making the drawing first on a piece of paper before you decide to transfer the drawing on the cloth. You can also paint it using brush of spray painting.

For further information about detail tools that you have to prepare to make a quatrefoil rug, you can find them via online. But you do not worry about the tools that are hard to be found. Of course, if it is said that you can make it at home means that the tools are very easy to be found at home. Only some of them you must buy at store.

Well, after you have known about making quatrefoil rug, are you interested in making it at home? Have you prepared the things that are needed to make a quatrefoil rug? Be creative and personalize your own quatrefoil rug for your sweet house. Make it unique.

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