Velvet Tufted Headboard for Your Bed

Decorate your bed with the elegant velvet tufted headboard. The velvet headboard will make your bed classier. it is the common ornament you can put in the bed. You can have the additional function as you can lay your on it and make your sleep more comfortable. The headboard will give the essential touch to your bed feature.

Velvet Tufted Headboard function

The soft and elegant velvet headboard will make your bed look like the king bed. It has the function to decorate and give the artistic touch to your bed. You can choose the color or motive that will fit well with your room and your duvet. The headboard may give the great visual feature to your room. Besides look good, the headboard will make your bed more comfortable. You can lean your back in it and enjoy the soft velvet while reading books or do other activities in the bed.

How to Choose the Headboard

The most important think to consider before choosing the headboard for your bed is the size. you need to measure the right size of the headboard and ensure that you can put it in your bed. The next thing to consider is the structure and material. It will determine the durability of the headboard.

West Elm Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom

Put the west elm shower curtain in your bathroom and make your bathroom more beautiful. The curtain will help you to ensure the water won’t spill and well your floor. it also will give the fun look in your bathroom. The shower curtain is simple but will transform the over all look of your bathroom. the west elm is the best choice since it has the largest selection with the deep character to their shower curtain.

West Elm Shower Curtain selection

The west elm has many types of curtain. You can have the large size shower curtain until the narrow one. The shower curtain will be also varied based on the material of the curtain. Although there are usually plastic based curtain you can also have the other material for your shower curtain such as the polyester curtain. Different material gives different touch. You can choose the one that will fit with your bathroom concept

Shower curtain motives

You can get many motives and colors for the shower curtain. The beach theme curtain is so popular but you can also get the plain color or the transparent shower curtain. You can choose any that will make your bathroom look beautiful.

Various Kind of Lucite Console Table

Lucite console table actually has almost similar functions to coffee table. It usually is placed in the family room, foyer, and bedroom as well. It can be a storage place for your books too. Before you buy this console table you may take some considerations such as that this furniture might suit with your needs and also budget.

There are a lot of designs of console table that available on the markets. Choose the one which match with your preference.  Console tables are also gaining popularity is acrylic styles like coffee tables do.

The design of Lucite console table

There are many designs that can be your selection to consider before buying it. Besides the popular design, acrylic, there are other designs that you should know. The first design is hokku design. This design of console table is very suitable to be placed near the wall. You can also add some picture frames, flower pot, books, or medium jar to make it more interesting.

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Another design of console table is eurostyle. This is including in a simple styles because it does not have storage place for you books and other things. It may contains some drawers, but some of them even do not have one just look like a traditional design of table.

Lucite Console Table Ideas

Quatrefoil Rug Design For Your Sweet House

Being a creative person you try to design quatrefoil rug for your sweet house. There are many websites provide video tutorial about how to make quatrefoil rug at home. Two things that must consider are preparing the basic material and making the design before you start to make quatrefoil rug.

  • Material of the quatrefoil rug. Since this thing is closely related to material that can easily absorb liquid. Besides, it must be able to be easier to be washed. Thus, you can choose type of cotton cloth as the basic material to make a quatrefoil rug. You can choose bright color cloth to make such as pink, purple, and so on. It must be easy to be seen and a bit contrast with the floor coverage of your house.
  • Design of the quatrefoil rug. You can decide of quatrefoil rug as well by making the drawing first on a piece of paper before you decide to transfer the drawing on the cloth. You can also paint it using brush of spray painting.

For further information about detail tools that you have to prepare to make a quatrefoil rug, you can find them via online. But you do not worry about the tools that are hard to be found. Of course, if it is said that you can make it at home means that the tools are very easy to be found at home. Only some of them you must buy at store.

Well, after you have known about making quatrefoil rug, are you interested in making it at home? Have you prepared the things that are needed to make a quatrefoil rug? Be creative and personalize your own quatrefoil rug for your sweet house. Make it unique.

Sunland Home Décor for Rustic Design

When people try to find the sunland home décor, it is sure that they will be spoiled with various offers of home decoration items which can help them to improve their home look with single touch.

People of course have their personal taste about the decoration which should be applied in their home and there is no doubt that they will look for home decoration which can make them feel comfortable. People who love to get warm atmosphere and look in their home, rustic home decoration can be chosen from Sunland.

Various Offers from Sunland Home Décor

There are various options of home decoration options which people can use for making the home with rustic design.

If people want to get the room separator without exactly separating the room, they can try to apply the rug offered by Sunland including the cowhide rug which will bring great difference to the house with varied patterns naturally comes from the fur pattern.

It is also possible for people to bring the warm rustic look into their bedroom by adding the bedding which has beautiful and warm design which has rustic characteristic.

There are various accessories which can be great addition for improving the look in the house from unique throw pillow to the embroidered bath linens.